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Plastic Injection | Turnkey Projects | Plasfur


Plasfur S.A. is a Resol Group company specialising in plastic injection and the design and execution of customised turnkey projects for third parties.

We offer a comprehensive service ranging from product design and development to mould construction, the injection of plastic parts and the customisation and final packaging of your product.

Thanks to our large and experienced engineering team, Plasfur manufactures high-precision, technical-grade plastic parts for leading companies in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, leisure, construction, biomedicine, real estate, etc.

Our Quality System has various certifications including: ISO-9001:2000 and Green Partner Sony.

  • Technical Office

    Plasfur’s team of engineers and designers boasts extensive experience in product development and innovation.

  • Production Facilities

    Our extensive machinery plant gives us the production flexibility to develop projects and production capabilities of all types and sizes.

  • Assembly Workshop

    We assemble pieces, even using third-party elements, for Just-in-Time deliveries. We also offer product customisation and final product packaging.

  • Mould Workshop

    In our own workshops we carry out mould maintenance, modification and repair operations assisted by the best CAD programs on the market.

  • Laboratory

    We subject our products to stringent quality controls in our own laboratory, carrying out tests that include dimensional control, mineral filling and flow analysis, colorimetry, etc.

  • China Office

    Thanks to our office in Guangdong, China, we are able to offer mould outsourcing solutions in Asia.